Women's Golf Dress Code: Pirdie's Guide to Women's Golf Clothes

Pirdie tackles questions around women’s golf dress codes at Municipal, Public, and Private Golf Clubs.  Outlined are women’s golf clothes requirements and rules versus women’s golf clothes etiquette.

What is appropriate golf attire?

Appropriate golf attire varies depending on where you are golfing and who you ask.  Different courses have different women’s golf dress codes depending on what type of golf course they are.  It is also important to note that there is a difference between women’s golf clothes rules and requirements versus women’s golf clothes etiquette (what is expected or tradition).  

Golf Dress Code for Women -  Municipal Courses

Municipal golf courses are owned by the city and usually have the most relaxed dress codes, if any at all.  Generally speaking, anything goes at Muni’s.  This includes your favorite athleisure wear such as yoga pants and non collared shirts. 

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Golf Dress Code for Women -  Public Golf Courses 

Public Golf Courses are defined as privately owned but open to the public.  Public courses generally fall somewhere in the middle of muni’s and private clubs.   Each public golf course is well within their rights to create and enforce any women’s golf dress code that they want.  To be safe, always call ahead to find out both the women’s golf clothes etiquette and the women’s golf clothes requirements. Often, there are no short shorts, denim, tanks or tees.

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Golf Dress Code for Women -  Private Golf Clubs

Finally, we are on to the Private Golf Clubs.  This can be the most intimidating type of club as they tend to have the strictest women’s golf dress codes.  Again, though, this varies from club to club so it's important to find out before going.  At private clubs, women's golf clothes rules tend to include shorts or skorts of a certain length as well as collared shirts or the newer trend: collarless/mock collared golf shirts.  Dresses are a great option here as they tend to be safe anywhere and are all in one piece.  Less coordinating is a good thing!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Women’s Golf  Dress Code and Women's Golf Clothes Etiquette 

What is the dress code for the LPGA women?

LPGA women do have a women’s golf dress code but it is less strict than one might think. They allow sleeveless and collarless shirts and there are no specific length requirements on shorts or skirts.  Denim and workout clothes are not allowed.  

Can female golfers wear pants?

Yes!  Female golfers can wear pants and it is one of the most common pieces of clothing found on the course.  Some advice - no cargo pockets or super tight fitting pants.

Looking for more information on golf pants?  Read more here on whether women's leggings are appropriate for golf.

Can you wear running shoes for golf?

It is usually fine to wear running shoes for golf. Sometimes the fancier private clubs require golf shoes, but that is becoming a thing of the past.  

Can women wear collarless shirts?

Collarless shirts are generally acceptable women’s golf clothing in most clubs.  This may be a time to check first but, even if collars are required for men, women can usually get away with a mock collar or no collar at all.  Sleeveless is usually fine as well.    


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