Golfing is fun. Golfing with girlfriends is the best. Especially when you’re wearing something that’s fun and comfy and totally you–it makes for that much more confidence on the green.

But for way too long, the golf course dress code has been snoot y and overly serious–and that sentiment has put a damper on a game that has so much to give women and their friendships. Pirdie’s here to change that.

With West Coast-inspired designs that even make collars look pretty sweet, now you can feel as stoked about your golf attire as you do about girl’s day on the fairway .

So tell all your friends: golf is now, officially, for the girls.

Bringing women together through golf and self-expression.We’re Kelley, Kendra, and Jaimee–three friends, wives, and moms brought closer together by golf during one of the most universally challenging times in history: the COVID-19 pandemic.

During the crisis, girlfriends’ golf became our weekly ritual. Although some of us had never played, the course became the therapeutic safe space we all needed–to laugh, to move, to talk, in the safety and warmth of friendship and the California sunshine.The only thing missing from our experience was clothing we actually wanted to wear; while we relied on yoga pants and tennis skirts, the men had great options that could easily transition to dinner and drinks. And then we started talking–what if we designed the kind of women’s golf clothing that would make us even more excited about teeing off?

Enter: Pirdie–a line of clothing that’s equally playful and functional, that looks as good on the 1st hole as the 19th. That’s inspired by the power of female friendship and the West Coast aesthetic we know and love . And most importantly, one that empowers every woman to be herself–on and off the fairway.


Sure, it feels awesome when you’re on your A-game, but what’s great about golf goes way beyond performance. It’s the fact that you set aside a special day to be outside and hit a few with the girls. That you get to wear something colorful and fun that will take you from the first hole to the 19th. Golf may have a reputation for being serious, but Pirdie is out to show its fun side.


Golf isn’t just for one type of gal–it’s for any of us with a little grit and a love for experiencing new things, especially with friends. But historically, golf hasn’t been the most inclusive sport, especially for women. We’re out to change that by outfitting ladies of all sizes, shapes, and backgrounds in clothes that prioritize self-expression and looking great–all while meeting the dress code.


We exist to empower girls of all ages to be unapologetically confident, both on and off the golf course. We encourage them to take risks, to try new things, to fully embrace their grit. Most importantly, we influence them to discover new things about themselves and the other women in their life.


We love golf. But what do we love even more than golf? Quality time spent with girlfriends. As much as the game awakens our competitive spirit, at the end of the day, it’s really about the time spent together, the memories made, and the ways we support each other on the green and in life.