Cute Women's Golf Clothes That Are Actually Rad


When you step onto the golf course, you should feel confident and eager to be yourself out there. Pirdie helps make this happen by giving you a wardrobe of cute women’s golf clothes that you can’t wait to wear. A wardrobe that represents who you are, and maybe even stretches (literally!) into a bold or more authentic version of yourself on the course.


Shop our cute women’s golf clothes today, from tops to dresses, joggers, and hats!


About Us

The Pirdie Golf brand was created by three friends, Kelley, Kendra, and Jaimee. As friends, wives, and moms living through the uncertain times of the COVID-19 pandemic, we found strength, comfort, and joy in playing golf together. Making golf our weekly ritual during this time allowed us to connect with each other in a safe space and enjoy the warm California sunshine.


But something was missing. We couldn’t find cute women’s golf clothes to wear. We made last-minute runs to nearby sporting goods stores only to find one rack of women’s golf clothes that didn’t feel like our style. We tried building cute outfits from yoga pants and tennis skirts. But this wasn’t quite right either. We wanted cute women’s golf clothes that we were excited to wear, that were fun to be in, and that transitioned from the course to dinner, drinks, and anywhere else the day took us. That is how Pirdie was born.


Shop our cute women’s golf clothing line to find your next outfit for the golf course!


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