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Pirdie has always been about more than just clothes; in fact the clothes are in some ways tertiary to the community we are building. Since launching, sure things have been busy with inventory and production and all the things that come with launching a clothing line. But, what has been equally as busy (and flattering for that matter), has been the number of women that have reached out asking us to be a part of their events. Invitations span from charity events, casual groups of ladies looking to kickstart their own tribe of women's golf outings, school fundraisers, women's leagues etc.  We would absolutely love to partake in all of these, but unfortunately that's not realistic so we have to pick and choose. 
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Soon after we launched Pirdie, we linked up online with a woman in Wisconsin through this great little community we are building. We had never met, but quickly felt very like and kind to her mission to grow women's golf in her community and at her local club, all while reiterating the need for better women's golf clothes! We were a natural fit. Plus, she had an edge to her that felt just right. Her ladies' league on Tuesdays was never allowed a beverage cart, so she saw to it that she got a seat at the table at her club and now Tuesday ladies' night has a bev cart. Next on her list was hosting a ladies' member guest. The men had a two day extravagant member guest event, but the women had never had their own...ever. When she called and pitched us on the idea that she was going to rally for a ladies' member guest, the FIRST ONE EVER, and it would be great to have Pirdie be a part, we were in! We had never been to Wisconsin and never met her in person; neither mattered. We hopped on a plane and brought a subpar golf game but a superior fun factor and major support for all 55 ladies that showed up for this inaugural event.
Every single woman there was a cheerleader for Pirdie and for the greater goal of getting more women out on the course. Most importantly, we all had a shared commitment giving women community, locally and beyond, that removes the intimidation from stepping onto that course for the first time.  That community now officially spans from Wisconsin to California.Pirdie Community The digital world is large, and overwhelming at times, but we were reminded through this event that this community we are part of is small, and the best there is. We can't wait to see Wisconsin's event grow next year and support others just like it.




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