Pirdie Talks Behind the Style
So, we started an apparel line - something none of us had ever done before.  But we knew what we wanted to do and how we wanted to do it.  We wanted Pirdie to be different.  Women's golf clothes were just not that cute and we wanted to change that.  We wanted clothes that felt as good as they looked.  We wanted colors that made a statement.  And we wanted names that matched our whole irreverent vibe.  We have had so much fun designing pieces that truly relate to our vision of Pirdie - a golf culture where every woman feels welcome to be herself.  

The first motion of business was getting our fabrics spot on. We tested hundreds of fabrics to make sure we found material combos that are incredibly soft, mixed with the functionality of not only moisture wicking, but for easy movement. It has been so important to make sure the fabrics cling just the right amount and can be worn on all body types with keeping your swing in mind. We added pockets in all the right areas making sure your glove, tee, credit card, and dare I say, cell phone are all accounted for.

We love being creative with color combos, saturation of neons and other color ways, while getting a little cheeky with the name of our pieces. They have all been intentionally named in order to stay true to the game and our brand.

Here’s a bit of behind the scenes: 

Foreplay Skirt - Our cheeky way of being a bit flirty while yelling “FORE” in our adorable skirt.

Twilight Vest - Our favorite golden hour to play, just as it starts to get a bit chilly and you need our vest for warmth.

Ace Jogger - We nailed these joggers like landing an Ace. The perfect pant from day to night, from golf to travel - they keep their shape, color, and get even better with wear.

The Back Nine - It can take us a little while to get warmed up, therefore the Back Nine is where we perform much better, just like our sleeveless collared shirt complete with a little bit of sexy with our backs shown. 

Caddy Camp - Effortlessly cool with dropped arm sleeves, like a caddy would wear, but rad enough to wear at camp. 

June Daly - Screw John, let’s make June Daly our fave drink - just add bourbon instead of vodka to your ice tea and lemonade. 

The Duchess - We are feeling so regal in our dress that lets you swing by day and socialize by night.  

The Murray - Named after the beloved Bill Murray, as Caddyshack is the Pirdie fan fave golf movie with just the right amount of retro.

19th Hole Hat - Well I think this explains itself, because after a long day of swinging and dare I say whiffing, we are ready for that “June Daly”.

Got any cool golf references?  Want to help us name our next drops??? Comment below and you never know... xoxo


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