Made in America - We Give a Sh**
We give a sh**, so we decided to make all of our clothing in the good old US of A. Yes, it costs us a bit more, but here's why we think it is important and worth it. 
Quality It shows, and we check on our products regularly to make sure they meet our standards, and your expectations.

Legacy Los Angeles fashion district and its workforce have struggled with redevelopment, effects from the pandemic, affordable housing issues and  keeping skilled workers in the industry. This hub is crucial to the fashion industry nationally, and we are happy to support their community and workers.
Humanity Made in USA ensures the hands that craft our garments are working in safe conditions and meeting wage hurdles. 
Sustainability Not boating our finished goods across the ocean means less fuels, less ships, more sustainable behavior. We have a ton more to strive for with sustainability, but this is a great first step.
If you have purchased from us before there's no doubt you notice the quality of our products. If you haven't, drop your order in and see/feel the quality. With free  & easy returns, why not?


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