Golf Simulators - A Super Fun Way to Level Up Your Game

A couple of weeks ago, Team Pirdie was invited to play in a two day tournament with some amazing ladies in Wisconsin. We were excited but honestly, I was a little freaked out. We own a golf apparel company, yes.  Is my golf game excellent? Nope.  Well, sometimes I have a good day but consistency is not my strength.  This was my plan - watch lots of youtube videos and visit the driving range as much as I could leading up to the event.  The day before we were set to leave for Wisconsin, I drove to my local golf range and it was closed for construction. Ugh. I quickly googled the closest ranges to me and “The Golf Bar San Diego” popped up.  I had never visited a golf simulator before, it sounded a little intimidating, but I was desperate (and I am getting very good at doing things outside of my comfort zone lately).  

A golf simulator is a pretty cool setup that allows golfers to practice and play golf indoors. These simulators use various technologies to replicate the experience of playing golf on a real golf course.  There is usually a big screen where the virtual golf is displayed.  Specialized golf simulation software generates the virtual golf course or range. This software takes into account factors like terrain, weather conditions, and wind, providing a realistic playing experience. There is a launch monitor that measures various parameters of your golf shot, such as ball speed, launch angle, spin rate, and carry distance. This data is used to calculate the trajectory and landing of the virtual ball. The hitting area typically includes a mat and tee, allowing golfers to take realistic swings. There are various simulation modes, including practice ranges, skill challenges, and the ability to play full rounds of golf on famous courses from around the world.  Bonus: many of these simulators are located in bars - never met a bar I didn’t like.  

Once I got set up, I was super excited to hit.  The simulator provides immediate, detailed data on each shot.  I could see exactly where I was making contact, the trajectory of the shot as well as the speed and distance.  I was able to adjust my swing to improve contact and distance.  After just a few hits, I was consistently hitting further than I ever had before.  I was hooked.  Golf is such a mental game and this made me feel so much more confident going into this tournament.  For those interested, I played great on the first day and not so great on the second day.  But we had such a fun time and met so many amazing and supportive women.  Even when I whiffed it, they cheered me on.  

Pirdie was created to help ladies feel more confident on the course - look good, play good.  Or play bad but still play!  These simulators are rapidly gaining popularity among women and I can see why.  It is a great way to hang with friends and play some golf, without committing to 9 or 18 holes.  It definitely adds a little excitement to your standard happy hour and it is a great way to get some practice  in before hitting the course. 


Pirdie’s rec on what to wear:  


Golf Bars around the country:

Denver: One Shot Back

San Diego: The Golf Bar

Austin: Rok Golf 

Nashville: X Golf

NYC:  T-Squared Social Club (just opened by Justin Timberlake and Tiger Woods - read more about it here)



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